About Gowallawalk

Gowallawalk was the direct result of a thread on Gowalla's old GetSatisfaction site requesting "a map of where I've been". It was a good idea, and looked like it might be fun to write, so I burned a few days of tinkering with Gowalla's API and got it working.

The site was originally powered by Django, but has since been compiled into a series of static HTML files since we're not receiving any new data from Gowalla anymore. I must give credit to Google's brilliant Maps API.

If you're at all curious about the code that was used to build the original, the source is available here. The code wasn't perfect, but it was functional enough to keep this site running for a couple years. Gowallawalk is licensed under the AGPL-3.

About Me

My name is Daniel Quinn, a Canadian software developer living in the Netherlands. I started out as a Perl programmer, moved into PHP, and now I'm a Python hacker with developing Android skills. I like pizza, smart people, and elegant software design. If you have questions about the site, feel free to email me. I used to be on Gowalla as danielquinn and I'm still on Twitter as searchingfortao. You can also visit my own (less-pretty) website if you wanna do something crazy like pay me to do this stuff for a living ;-)

About The Logo

When this site launched, the tagline was "It is clear that I need a logo" and this space included a request for logo submissions. Well a talented Gowalla fan came forward and has supplied me with one and so I'm happy to use it here. I'm just glad that the lawyers at Gowalla didn't decide to ask me to take it down :-)

Full credit for the logo goes to Patrick Navarro, creator of userslike.me. If you'd like to contact him to praise his awesomeness, you can find him on Twitter as @patrickryan or you can check out his website.